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Together We Can Do So Much

A Vision of Excellence

Highmark is committed to providing an exceptional work environment that will naturally translate to better customer service and resident loyalty. Our commitment to the personal satisfaction of every associate is guided by the principle of full and prompt attention to the needs of these hardworking individuals. This commitment lies at the heart of our organization and strengthens the family culture of Highmark Residential.

Highmark & The Red Cross

Join us in supporting the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has been extremely valuable to Highmark and our residents when faced with unfortunate disasters in our communities. We are proud to support The American Red Cross by encouraging volunteer efforts and donations to this worthy organization. 

Highmark Residential has designated May as our fundraising month for The American Red Cross. Additionally, Highmark annually partners with Ready 365 to support The American Red Cross's Home Fire Campaign, an initiative to reduce fire-related deaths and injuries across the country.

Give Just BeCause

Giving Is Our Specialty

Just BeCause is a program by which Highmark Residential supports our associates' volunteer work to contribute to the development and well-being of the global community. This program intends to provide volunteer opportunities that enhance and serve the communities in which Highmark associates live and work.