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3 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Will Elevate Your Apartment

3 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Will Elevate Your Apartment

When it comes to adding flare to bare walls, DIY is the way to go. It can be challenging to find artwork that speaks to your personal taste and is within your budget. However, by creating your own masterpiece, you have full creative control and won’t break the bank.

Here are a few projects that will add extra flare to your Highmark apartment.

1. Take Advantage of Spare Wall Space with a Hanging Planter

Try your hand at a beautiful hanging planter. All you need is a string of macrame or hemp cord and some lovely plants, such as ivy or ferns. Use the cord to carefully weave and braid the plants together, creating a gorgeous wall hanging. Hang it up in your favorite corner of the room for an instant atmosphere boost. Ensure any plants you use are non-toxic if you have pets and choose a spot with adequate sunlight.

2. Create Pressed Plant Art

Bring the outside in by creating your own stunning pressed plant art. To get started, select a batch of fresh flowers or leaves. If you’re working with flowers, opt for blooms that are on the flatter side such as violets or daisies. Then, open a heavy book and lay a sheet of wax paper inside. You’re going to place the flowers on the wax paper and then lay another sheet on top and close the book. Place this book below a stack of other heavy books and leave it in a dry and warm part of your apartment for two weeks. You’re then going to arrange your florals and leaves into a glass frame like this piece from Arhaus. This piece will look great on a wall behind potted plants or you can create a botanical-themed gallery wall.

3. Transform Your Walls with a Chic Wallpaper Accent

Create a stunning wallpaper accent wall with minimal effort and materials. Pick out a pattern that speaks to your style and use removable adhesive wallpaper for an easy installation. If you're feeling crafty, try creating a unique wall mural or use stencils to paint intricate designs. Use a few strategically placed wall sconces for extra lighting and dimension. Ensure the hangings do not overpower the walls and keep the patterning subtle yet eye-catching.

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