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Get Cooking: Tips for Stocking Your Pantry on a Budget

Get Cooking: Tips for Stocking Your Pantry on a Budget

When you're living in a home you love, you'll need to stock your pantry with food that you love, too. However, it can get expensive to go grocery shopping these days. If you're looking to stock your pantry on a budget, here are a few tips that will keep you on track:

Purchase Canned Goods

It might not seem like the most appetizing thing to come home with canned chickpeas or canned chicken, along with cans of green beans and black-eyed peas, but you can make delicious meals from these staples. Create a chickpea salad with minimal ingredients or a summer succotash with canned vegetables. Canned goods are cheap, they last long, and they can be transformed into great meals.

Always Have Spices on Hand

Sure, you can make baked chicken, but that chicken breast will be transformed if you have the correct spices to marinate it. If you have things like salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, basil, rosemary, and parsley, you can make your own poultry seasoning. Instead of purchasing expensive ingredients to make a delicious dinner, you just need the affordable basics and spices to pair with them.

Use Potatoes and Produce to Your Advantage

When you purchase potatoes or sweet potatoes, you can make your own French fries, for a fraction of the price of frozen fries. Plus, if you have leftover produce and potatoes, you can chop it up and make a soup. With your food waste, you could even make your own vegetable stock. Don't throw away produce, make it count!

If you're living in a Highmark property, you deserve to create delicious meals in your beautiful kitchen. It's possible to get cooking on a budget. When you purchase all the staples, you'll be on your way to creating picture-perfect meals. Have fun as you craft meals for your loved ones on a budget, and contact us, for more information.