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Ring in the New Year with 3 Ways to Celebrate NYE at Home

Ring in the New Year with 3 Ways to Celebrate NYE at Home

2024 is nearly upon us! Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate New Year's Eve at home? These NYE apartment party ideas are perfect for staying in with family and friends.

1.) Host a Board Game Night

Gather with friends and family for a "Board Games Until Midnight" party. Make it a bring-your-own-game night and invite everyone to share their favorite board games. This is a great way to learn a little more about your circle of friends while sharing plenty of laughs. If you're looking for game night snack ideas, why not try a creative charcuterie board?

2.) NYE Mixology Party

Design your own way to toast to the new year with a chic mixology party. There's no need to go out when you can bring the craft and art of cocktails to your apartment space. Home mixology classes are a fantastic way to spend NYE at home. Try a virtual guided class or splurge on your own mixology recipe book and get ready to cheers to 2024!

3.) NYE Scavenger Hunt + Balloon Pop

Plan an NYE scavenger hunt full of memories from the past year. Think of this as a "best of 2023" celebration. Get everyone up and moving as you search for clues to ring in the new year. At the end of every hour, pop a balloon until you've made it to midnight. Let the winner pop the final balloon and celebrate the arrival of 2024.

Celebrate the new year in our community! The Highmark Residential team can help you get settled in 2024. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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