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3 Must-Haves For The Ultimate Summer Road Trip

3 Must-Haves For The Ultimate Summer Road Trip

Few things say summer like the all-American road trip. No matter where you decide to travel this year, or how far, go prepared! Pack these three essential items for fun and a smooth ride.

Extra Batteries, Chargers, and a Portable Charging Device

Nearly everything we use today is electronic in nature. Our phones connect to our cars, allowing us to access and play our favorite music. Tablets and other devices also provide us with hours of entertainment. Electronic items also serve as navigational tools, informing us where to go. Having these items die on the road can leave us bored—or worse—lost. Prevent this by packing extra batteries, chargers, and portable charging devices.

Emergency Kit

About the only thing worse than getting lost on the road is being stranded without emergency supplies. A first-aid kit with band-aids, medication, gauze, alcohol swabs, and other medical essentials should be first on your list. Bottles of water, extra emergency snacks, jumper cables, chapstick, extra car fluids, Kleenex, and a flashlight should also be included in your list of emergency supplies. Depending on the weather, you may also want to pack blankets.

Various Sources of Entertainment

While your phone can offer you several hours of entertainment—from social media and games to music—there are only so many hours one can stare at a screen. You could also lose service on your trip, which might limit your activities. As such, you may want to consider packing other forms of entertainment (especially if you have children). A few examples could include car games, books, and coloring books. You may also want to pre-prep a music playlist if you plan on using your device to power your radio.

Get Ready for #HighmarkSummerChill

We can't wait to hear all about your summer plans. Therefore, we're inviting you for the month of July to share your adventures on social media with the hashtag #highmarksummerchill. Whether you're traveling down the coast or enjoying the ultimate staycation, we can't wait to hear about it. Stay tuned for more details!