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Back-to-School Survival Guide: Tips for the Transition

Back-to-School Survival Guide: Tips for the Transition

Back-to-school season is here. Although it can feel stressful for college students to get back into the swing of things, it's always exciting to start fresh with a new routine. Therefore, we've gathered a few tips that will have you feeling organized and motivated for the upcoming semester.

Invest in a Good Planner

Knowing what you need to do, and when you need to do it, will make going back to school a lot more manageable. Purchase a planner and inside of it, write down important dates, assignments, to-do lists, and whatever else you need to remember.

Meal Prep for Breakfast and Lunch

You need to fuel your body in order to thrive at school, but it can be hard to have time to make breakfast and lunch every day. To avoid skipping meals, meal prep breakfast and lunch on the weekend or the night before. For breakfast, you could make overnight oats orĀ chia seed pudding. For lunch, you could meal prep sandwiches, which can be frozen in bulk!

Plan a Morning and Evening Routine

You'll succeed at school when you're well-rested and emotionally well. Therefore, it's important to set a routine for bedtime and morning time that you stick to. Make sure you're in bed at a certain time and put your phone away to ensure a good night's rest. In the morning, give yourself some time to exercise and eat the breakfast you meal prepped. If you're interested in it, try meditating, it can be a good way to reduce your back-to-school-related stress.

A lot of emotions come with back-to-school time. Whether you're eager to get back into the classroom, stressed out about it, or a mixture of both, know that you'll have a great year when you prioritize taking care of yourself in your Highmark home. For more information about Highmark Residential, contact us.