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4 Tips for Stylish Halloween Decor

4 Tips for Stylish Halloween Decor

It's finally October, and for all Halloween lovers, the season is beckoning. And while this time of year typically calls for a playful spirit, you don't need to forgo taste and elegance. You can incorporate sleek and stylish decor that keeps the festive spirit alive. 

Here are some tips for trendy and stylish decor for your home during this Halloween season:

Use Eclectic Utensils and Dinnerware

Add playful Halloween decor to your dinner table while keeping style in check. You can get chic Halloween-adorned plates that are multipurpose, both for decor and eating. Opt for tinted glassware in deep plum, green, or black that adds a subtle hint to the holiday season without being too overpowering.

Use Fabric to Spice Up The Decor

While Halloween is typically characterized by people dressing up, you can also dress up your furniture in interesting fabric that ushers in the holiday spirit. You can get spooky-themed throw pillows, curtains, table runners, and slipcovers. 

Play around with accents and looks

Halloween is typically characterized by hues of orange. For a chic Halloween this year, you can change things up and instead use monochromatic or neutral color palettes such as white or black for your pumpkins and decor. You can also opt for hues of silver, gold, or earthy tones that blend well with the rest of your decor.

Focus on The Little Details

Instead of going overwhelmingly big on your decor, you can use seemingly smaller details to bring in the Halloween spirit without compromising your style. These smaller details can be creepy branches on your fireplace, spiders in the bouquets, spooky lanterns, paper ghosts, and painted cutout bat shapes. The list is endless, and your imagination is the only limitation. 

Remember to keep it simple. You don't need a ton of decor to give your home a Halloween feel. All the above stylish Halloween ideas are renter-friendly. If you are looking for a place to call home and share with your loved ones, contact us today to learn all the perks of living in Highmark Residential communities.